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More Health Myths Busted

By CPOG Team on January 7, 2017 in Health

1.  Eating dairy products like milk or ice cream will make your cold worse.

  • No evidence that dairy products affect the course of a cold
  • Most colds are caused by viruses and last 7-10 days
  • Frozen dairy products, like ice cream, can soothe a sore throat and provide calories when you otherwise may not eat


2. A woman’s actions/experiences during early pregnancy can cause a miscarriage

  • Miscarriage is defined loss of a fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy without an identifiable cause
  • Estimates are that around half of all fertilized eggs die and are lost (aborted) spontaneously, usually before the woman knows she is pregnant.
  • Among women who know they are pregnant, about 20% have a miscarriage
  • Most miscarriages are due to chromosomal issues that occur when sperm and egg join and cannot be influenced by experience or behavior.
  • Events that put a woman’s life at risk (major illness or trauma) may result in miscarriage.  Otherwise, simply put, you can’t shake babies out

3. Starve a fever, feed a cold.

  • Starving at any time is bad.
  • Feed a cold and feed a fever
  • Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and rest

4. Sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyes.

  • The most this will do is give you a headache from eye fatigue or dryness.
  • People who sit close to the TV are more likely to already have vision issues which is why they sit so close
  • Old TVs emitted Xrays. Modern TVs do not

5. Cracking fingers lead to arthritis

  • Many studies have shown that cracking your knuckles may aggravate the people around you, but it probably won’t raise your risk for arthritis.
  • The “pop” of a cracked knuckle is caused by bubbles bursting in the fluid that helps lubricate joints. The bubbles pop when you pull the bones apart, either by stretching the fingers or bending them.
  • There are reason to let go of the habit–chronic knuckle-crackers are more likely to have swollen hands and reduced grip strength and injuries can happen while people are trying to crack their knuckles
  • http://www.health.harvard.edu/pain/does-knuckle-cracking-cause-arthritis



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